Are you worried that your residential or commercial property has been adversely affected by moisture? Reach out to CPRNZ for a comprehensive cavity moisture inspection.

Invasive Cavity Moisture Inspections

As the name suggests, an invasive cavity moisture inspection is where our two-person team will diligently and carefully inspect all the cavities or crevices in your home for unwanted moisture or leaking. This type of service is strongly recommended for monolithic, cladding-type dwellings, which are homes that are constructed primarily using plaster cladding. In New Zealand, many homes were built using this method between the late 1980s and the early 2000s, culminating in the “leaky building crisis” of the 2000s. It has since been proven that these cladding-type homes are more susceptible to leakages, meaning they must be inspected for flawed drainage both before and after purchases.

An Overview of Invasive Inspections

A typical invasive moisture inspection is more comprehensive and taxing than a regular home inspection. Using our two-person team, we’ll endeavour to complete the process in under 4 hours. It could take more time (or less time), depending on how complicated and extensive your home is. The more crevices and cavities to inspect, the longer the inspection will take.

Some customers are concerned that our inspection could damage their home. We guarantee to our customers or any prospective clients in need of a review that our techniques will not cause any damage to their home. Our process will provide you with clear evidence (photos) of the overall quality and condition of your wall framings and interior cavities. Our visual inspection will pick up any mould or decay that should be treated or monitored. Once this has been completed, you’ll receive a comprehensive report (usually over 100 pages) from our team within 24 hours.

Non-Invasive Cavity Moisture Inspections

On the other hand, should your home not require an invasive inspection, we can quickly provide a non-invasive cavity moisture inspection. This involves similar techniques, and you can rest assured that we won’t skip out on any detail. On average, our reports contain upwards of 150 photos and more than 50 videos, accompanied by clear and concise written documentation.

Once the inspection has been completed, we will compile the report and began pinpointing potential issues with the home or commercial property (if any). At the same time, we’ll make sure to showcase all the positives of the property, like areas that enhance its functionality and style.