Healthy Home Evaluation Reports
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Get a professional inspection that determines if the property meets HHI standards

The Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI) is a program created by the Government that seeks to educate and provide easy access to interventions to ensure that New Zealand properties are warm, dry, and uncrowded. This is due to the recognition that warm, dry, and spacious properties lead to the greater well-being of everyone who occupies them.

People who live in properties that are damp, cold, and/or crowded will have an increased risk of respiratory issues and skin infections. There is a strong body of scientific evidence worldwide that shows that there are better health outcomes for those who live in warm, dry, and spacious housing.

healthy homes evaluation

At CPR, we are well-versed in the standards that inform a Healthy Homes evaluation. You can rely on us to provide you with a thorough and easy-to-understand report that determines if the property meets the required standard as set out by the New Zealand Government.

No matter who you are or what stake you have in the property, whether you are a rental manager, a tenant, or a prospective buyer – we will make sure you are fully informed. Our Healthy Homes evaluation will tell you everything you need to know with regards to potential issues like dampness and overcrowding.

Knowledge is power, no matter what stake you have in the property. If you are a buyer, you can use your discoveries to bargain for a lower price, if you are a seller you can solve any issues with the property before you put it up for sale.

If you are managing a rental property, you can perform your due diligence and take care of any issues that are discovered after the Healthy Homes evaluation. If you are a tenant, you can engage us for a Healthy Homes evaluation and take any problematic findings to your landlord.

Everyone should have the right to live in a warm, dry, and spacious environment. Even the lowest cost properties need to meet these minimum standards to ensure that the well-being of those occupying it is not compromised in any way.

Why use CPR?

A 2-man team performs our Healthy Homes evaluations, and you will get two separate reports as a result. These reports are combined, eliminating overlap and giving you a truly comprehensive set of insights into the suitability of the property.

The report you receive from our team will be highly visual and is designed to be easy for anyone to understand. The reports are written in plain English and are delivered to you within 24 hours after the inspection ends. We have also ensured the reports are mobile-friendly, so you don’t need to get to a computer to read them right away.

Our team is highly experienced with a range of Qualifications and Industry experience.
Level 7 Structural Engineer, Master Builder and over 25 years on the tools.
When performing a Healthy Homes evaluation, or any kind of inspection, we can detect problems very quickly.

When it comes to a Healthy Homes evaluation, you can’t afford to put it off!

Get in touch with us today and organise an inspection right away!

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5 stars

Excellent communication and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Would definitely recommend Travis to anyone who is looking for professionals. Travis took on our job short notice and had paperwork returned very quickly! Thank you so much!

Whare Moke

5 stars

Your communication throughout from beginning to end was 100% amazing, honest and reliable. Thanks so much.

Julia Homes

5 stars

Thanks for the quick and thorough job.

Amanda Paulin

5 stars

Excellent comprehensive pre purchase property inspection report, far more detailed than we expected, it took all the guess work out of our decision. Friendly, efficient and super helpful team answered all our questions and more. I highly recommend Travis, Jinita and the team!

Kathryne Ellice