Independent Roof Inspections

Are you worried about the safety and security of your roof? If you notice cracks in your ceiling, leaks or strange sounds from load-bearing walls, then reach out to a reliable property inspecting company like CPRNZ today!

What Does An Independent Roof Inspection Involve?

Our team, Comprehensive Property Reports New Zealand, can provide reliable and accurate independent roof inspections and necessary reporting/documentation. In line with our prescribed standards and protocols, a two-person inspection team will arrive at your premises to begin inspecting the roof of the building (commercial, residential, etc.).

Generally we inspect the roof while the property is unattended, but if you would like to be on site to get a better understanding of what we check and ask any questions about roofing that’s fine by us! Inspections typically take 60-90 minutes to check everything, before we then provide you with the condensed key points/areas of concern. During the investigation, we’ll assess everything related to your roofing, including fixings, gutters, trusses, support beams/arches, roof coverings, tiles, valleys, ridges and the chimney. We use DJI drones and FLIR thermal imaging cameras to check areas that are difficult to access.

Why You Should Organise An Inspection

There are several critical reasons why you should have your roof, and in general, your home inspected, especially before and after a purchase.

Identify Structural Flaws

Structural concerns with your roof and ceiling could have huge, long-term impacts on the safety and liveability of your home. Having your roof inspected before the sale (or even just for peace of mind) will enable you to identify any necessary renovations before the purchase.

Better Sale Chances

If you want to sell your home (and maximise its market value), then presenting a home that is safe, secure and possessing minimal restorative issues is a great place to start. If your home needs to have the roof retiled or other serious renovations, you’ll have to lower your asking price when hitting the market. So, if you want to maximise your sale price, ensure that you present a residential or commercial property that has been thoroughly inspected & backed up by a reliable report – both of which you can get from the reliable team at CPRNZ!


Another reason why you should organise a roof inspection for your property is it’s affordable. Our rates are very competitive, and the process isn’t overly time-consuming. Moreover, a roof inspection should be viewed as an investment into your property – inspecting your roof will reveal flaws that can be fixed, which should add proportionally more money to the sale price of the residence. If you view the inspection as merely a cost, then you’re approaching this critical service in the wrong way.

Certified And Experienced

Our team at CPRNZ are certified, underscored by years of experience in the industry. Travis Mackay, the owner of CPRNZ, has over 25 years’ worth of experience and is accredited in both aeronautical and structural engineering, along with certifications in AUTOCAD and AUTODESK. Travis himself has completed close to 6000 inspections, while the business as a whole has completed over 10 000 reviews across New Zealand.

Extensive Coverage

Finally, our business provides vital services and reporting information to residents across many popular New Zealand suburbs on the North Island of the country. Our geographic coverage traverses suburbs based in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and many others.